World Jumper: season One – Episode One

December 10, 2018

They were known as the Guardians of Forever, a mystical race of beings who are responsible for creating reality itself. Over the course of time the Guardian’s created many worlds, many forms of reality and set forth in motion the lives we all live now. It was known as the great experiment. A world created of man, creature and desires. A world in the tangible sense alien to the Guardians themselves.

The World Jumper series is a collection of fictional stories of these guardians leaping between realities, inhabiting the lives of mortals, fantastic creatures and much more. In each episode you will encounter a unique story of an interaction with these guardians and their influences on our reality. Each book stand alone but it tied into an overall connecting arc.

In Season One we introduce you to each of the different Guardians and their version of the worlds they inhabit. Each book will tie into an overall story-line. At the end of the season we will set the stage for season two.

The entire series will be five seasons with ten books in each season. Each story will be approximately 5,000 – 10,000 words in length with a lot of character development and detailed story. So, if you are looking for a great story, like a series that ties into each other and are quick reads you will want to check out World Jumper.

Fan Participation

We want you to be a fan of the series. As such we want your feedback, input and comments. Please leave a review with suggestions on future books, future characters and more. We will also have a link to a private Facebook Group and much more within the book.

We hope you enjoy our series and will give World Jumper a spot on your digital and physical bookshelves.

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