Vegan Cookbook: More Than 50 Easy Vegan Recipes, Healthy Recipes That Are Ready When You Are

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This book will become a real godsend for people, and now most of them do not set themselves a rigid refusal from food of animal origin, but at the same time try to consume the most healthy food and cook meals, among which a large part is given by grain and vegetable.
You will find recipes of delicious dishes of eggplant, squash and zucchini, cabbage and potatoes, corn, onions and carrots, tomatoes and cucumbers, pepper, radish and beetroot, pumpkin and spinach, all kinds of dishes from legumes: peas, beans, lentils, cereal, dishes of pasta and also recipes of some dairy products such as cheese and eggs, are eaten by some vegetarians, adhering to lax dietary restrictions.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • Tomatoes with beans
    • Polenta with mushrooms
    • Stuffed zucchini
    • Cauliflower in creamy sauce
    • Noodles with toufu
    • Dumplings with mushrooms

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