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Sauce is not a dish, sauce is an instrument, once one of the most important for the cook, now less commonly used, but still retaining its importance as a “creator” or “regulator” of the taste of the dish. The French say: the architect covers his mistakes with a facade, the cook with sauce, and the doctor with earth. “Sauce” literally means “salty”, “salted”. This word of Latin origin is quite organically entered through the French language, or rather, through French cuisine in all European languages, including Russian. With the interpretation of it, there was never any apparent difficulty. “Sauce – the slurry, under which meat is served,” the dictionaries of the late 18th and early 19th centuries were naive, giving, although not quite the right, but the Russian equivalent. “Sauce is a liquid seasoning,” we read in modern publications, which, of course, is closer to the truth. The most famous sauces of the world include hot sauce, tomato sauce, tartar sauce.

Learn How To Make These Easy Recipes

    • Chicken legs in garlic sauce
    • Baked duck with orange sauce
    • Chicken with rosemary and Philadelphia cheese
    • Chicken breast in cream sauce
    • Pork in sweet and sour sauce
    • Spaghetti with meat sauce

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