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Sauce is a multicomponent liquid seasoning that emphasizes the taste of the main course or garnish and stimulates appetite. As the basis of gravy, oil, wine, vinegar, broth (meat, fish, mushroom), milk, sour cream, fruit and berry juice can be used.
Useful properties of the product depend on its ingredient composition. Acute spices increase sexual attraction, inhibit the growth of parasites in the digestive tract.
Butter and vegetable oils supply the most powerful antioxidant – vitamin E and essential acids like omega. Soy has a sedative effect, alleviates the symptoms of menopause (in women), helps with swelling, muscle spasms, dermatitis.
The most famous sauces of the world include: mayonnaise, tomato, ketchup, tabasco, tkemali, Worcestershire, soybean, guacamole, pesto, bolognese, beshamel, tartar, a thousand islands, hot sauce.

Learn How To Make These Easy Recipes


    • Tomato-sour cream sauce for meatballs with vegetables
    • Balsamic cream sauce
    • Spicy sauce
    • Ketchup with bell pepper
    • Cucumber sauce
    • Strawberry syrup


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