Discover The Homemade Donut Cookbook: More Then 100 Doughnut Recipes that you can make at home

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Do not know how to make baked donuts? The most varied recipes for donuts are in this book. Read them, use what has been read in practice – and you will become such a skillful confectioner that you can tell others how to make donuts correctly. With simple and understandable step-by-step, donut recipes, flavored with photos of cooking, baking donuts at home will not seem easy even for a beginner. Read and cook without fear for the result – all recipes are checked!

Learn How To Make These Easy Recipes


    • Donuts with condensed milk


    • Cottage cheese donuts in powdered sugar


    • Quick donuts on kefir


    • Donut cheese with sour cream


    • Donuts on yeast fried


    • Very tasty cottage cheese donuts


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