Personal Development Secrets for a Successful Life: Simple steps to ensure the development of a strong personality
Health, Fitness & Dieting / February 5, 2019

Look around and compare happy and unhappy acquaintances. What is the difference? Happy start a new business, study at pieces of training, go in for sports, constantly travel learn something new. Unhappy people have been working at the same job for decades, having fun only with the help of beer and are constantly looking for those guilty of their failures.The answer to our question is simple – it is necessary to engage in self-development in order to become happy. This book will help you in personal development to achieve great success in your personal life. Just today, get this Kindle book at a regular price.Read on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet, or Kindle. After reading this wonderful book you will learn:How to set a goal for successSteps to achieve the goalHow to develop faith in yourself, the power of self-suggestionHow to strengthen focus and develop enthusiasmGratitude and appreciation as the secret of successDiscipline and self-discipline are the keys to success and wealth.Stages of success and bringing abundance into your lifeDownload your copy today!

Mindfulness for everyday people: HOW TO BE YOUR BEST SELF AND LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE – Simple life changing steps for everyday mindfulness
Religion & Spirituality / May 26, 2017

Mindfulness for everyday people: HOW TO BE YOUR BEST SELF AND LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE This book is offering simple proven steps and strategies for people who are looking for something deeper and meaningful in their lives, people who want to live a more mindful life. It is for people on the path of self-development and change. Not change into something new, something they are not, but into something that is already there inside of them. This book is for people that are not satisfied with average and are not accepting the minimum of life. These are the people who want more, who want to be their best self and live their best life and are asking questions and seeking answers on how to accomplish that; how to live the best life possible and live up to their potentials. This book is for people that are living everyday lives, not isolated from the world looking for answers, but being part of the world and finding answers in everyday life, everyday experiences. They are seeking their own truth and ways to live mindfully and authentically. This book’s purpose is to motivate and inspire you, to help you on your path to…