Shish Kebab of Fish: 40+ recipes of delicious kebabs from different fish: Dishes for your health

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Looking for great fish shish kebab recipes? 
You will find them in this cookbook. 
If you have planned a picnic and are now thinking about how to make fish shish kebab, what fish to choose for it best, how to cook shish kebab from fish on coals using the right technology, read the recipes below, and the fish shish kebab will be fully prepared for you. You will know how to make shish kebab from fish in dozens of different ways and will please yourself and your guests with really delicious dishes.

Fish cooked on fire will be a great alternative to other products.

Firstly, they are light enough and do not overload the stomach, so you will feel great without an unpleasant weight in the stomach, such as after a kebab.

Secondly, in foods cooked on the grill, the maximum amount of useful substances is preserved.

Thirdly, whatever they say, but warm food is indispensable for our body, so a dish directly from the grill will help you to get enough and stay healthy.

However, nutritionists say that you need to eat fish at least twice a week because phosphorus in its composition has a positive effect on the brain and the body as a whole. If you already turn back on boiled fish, and you do not want to fry it in oil then take out the grill – it will give your favorite fish an incredibly new taste.

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