Secret Agents: My Bodyguard (The Secret Agents Series)

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You never know what’s going on, even under the same roof.  

Elena Johnson lives the normal life of every seventeen-year-old girl. It remains that way until she gets involved in a job whose nature has been kept hidden from her and her siblings by her parents. 

As secret agents, both Ryan and Rachel Johnson understood that there were risks to come with starting a family. When one of their missions goes awry, their enemy feels betrayed.  

He wants revenge. He wants to find them. And he‘ll do anything to get what he wants.  

Even go after Elena and her brother. 

To keep her safe, Elena’s parents hire a bodyguard from the agency where they work. Young, enigmatic, and extremely handsome. He needs to protect her, no matter what the cost.  

With Elena training to get stronger, taking the right risks to protect the people she loves, and her bodyguard’s help, nothing can go wrong.  


Secret Agents: My Bodyguard (Book 1)
Secret Agents: My Savior (Book 2, spin-off: To be published)

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