PHONEy SEX: Memoirs of a W.A.S.P. become Queen Bee Kindle Edition

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PHONEy SEX is the amusing true story of a destitute Nashville songwriter, who, in desperation, takes a job as a phone actress. In a beat up old trailer on the back streets of the city, the shocked and embarrassed Priscilla interns in the secret world of erotic fantasies. She bungles through it, unaware there’s a drug connection, money laundering, and a gun toting FBI agent on the premises. With a motley cast of characters, the naive Priscilla free falls through a bizarre industry on a white knuckle ride of misadventures that ultimately catapults her from worker to Queen Bee to CEO of her own company.

In this outrageous romp of trials and errors she’s stalked by a psychopath, threatened by a gangster and, with the help of a gay guy she hires to talk to the customers as a woman, tries to stay one step ahead of her black-hatted former boss.

This is not your usual fare of unearthing the nether world of the Adult Entertainment Industry.  Even when we’re drawn into the dark moments by the heart strings, Ms. Fox artfully manages to lead us out by the funny bone. With inimitable wit and a unique style she serves up a simmering stew of the humorous antics of the not-so-young and not-so-beautiful phone sex performers, peppered with spicy details of secret erotic fantasies.

America has no idea of the sexual proclivities of the average male, and in this lively, rollicking memoir, Ms. Fox enlightens you with spicy details of actual calls that make 50 SHADES OF GRAY read like a bedtime story exposing why phone sex is PHONEy SEX.

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