Astonished, people everywhere watch the morning news, while the news presenter, alarmed, confirms the strange phenomenon that is being commented throughout the world: no one has died in the last 48 hours. Nobody knows it, but the one responsible for that is right there, among them… Invisible. Silent. Cunning… But he was caught in a trap, which paralyzed his work and took the rest of the world to a halt. And now, he will face all kinds of challenges to reverse the situation, before he – and everyone else – ends up forever trapped between frightening temporal loops, far beyond our comprehension. 

He is silent, but he speaks to all. He is invisible, but he is always there. He is subtle, but each of his moves are fatal. He is the one who takes care of each one of us in that… Complicated moment. That unique transition.
But now something improbable happened – he was seen. And this brings unpredictable consequences. He has to solve them… Otherwise it will be fatal for him too – the same way his moves are, for all of us.

Experience a new vision on the darkest character of all time, as he runs against time and tries to reverse the sinister wave of… Phaenomena.

“Phaenomena” is a thriller by author and scriptwriter Christiano Sensi, that balances suspense, horror and fantastic elements in an exquisite and elaborate plot. 

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Readers who buy this book are also going to receive an add-on related short story, “The Man Who Killed Death”. The author has also launched three shorts lead by “The Thanatoscopyst”, a trio of short tales which make up a prelude to “Phaenomena”; these are all additional texts intended to enhance reader’s experience and will be available under free promotions as much as the platform allows, or as downloadable add-ons on his website.

About the author

Although new to digital publishing, Christiano Sensi is an author with a career in Theater, Cinema and Literature, as well as an accomplished producer.
Graduated in Theatre and Drama and also Business Management (from the Catholic University of São Paulo, Brazil), and proficiency-leveled in English Language (from Cambridge University), he had his own theatre group and wrote, produced and directed his plays up to 2007. In 2008, he made a definite transition into literature and mainstream filmmaking after his book and film projects were simultaneously selected in highly competitive state-funded prizes which lead to the publishing of his first novel and his first film productions. Soon after, he took a step further and also became the head of the Film and TV Department of a big Brazilian production company.

His first published books were novels based on real events and extensive historical research: “The Poet, The Rose and a Thousand Letters” (AnnaBlume Editions) and “Isolation” (CH Editions), which were awarded by the Program for Culture Support of the State of São Paulo and released in Brazil as print editions, respectively in 2009 and 2012. 
Parallel to his writings, he also wrote, produced and directed documentaries and was the executive producer of internationally released Brazilian films, such as “Two Rabbits”, “Bigger than The World – the Story of José Aldo” and of the Brazilian unit for “Solace” (featuring Anthony Hopkins and Colin Farrell).

In 2017, he halted his parallel work as a producer, aiming to focus back on his core ability, writing, and to prepare his many stories to be independently published as digital releases from 2019 onwards.

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