MODI INDORUM: A Mystery Suspense Thriller: Book One of THE JARDINE TRILOGY (FIBONACCI SERIES 1) Kindle Edition

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55. That’s the number carved on a sea shell in the hand of a dead heroin addict when Detective Ameena “AJ” Jardine meets D.E.A. Agent Tony Aserbbo on her first solo assignment. The death is ruled an overdose—nothing unusual considering the heroin epidemic plaguing New England.

34. That’s the number of daisies in the hand of another dead heroin addict a year later when the crime scene brings AJ and Tony back together for the first time since their relationship dissolved. Again, that death is ruled an overdose.

AJ never sees the connection with the numbers, even after she learns both bodies have identical octopus tentacle tattoos. She doesn’t see the connection with the heroin used in each overdose: Prussian Black, a new designer heroin made with tetrodotoxin from octopus venom and distributed by the Fasciata Order, a violent and highly sophisticated drug organization.

And she does not realize that, on the days the bodies are discovered, the anonymous gifts given to her are from a mysterious hacker named Copernicus who claims to be watching over her and protecting her from the cartel.

It’s not until Dr. Raymond Pinick, a former university professor and grieving father, contacts her, before she realizes there may be a link between the overdose deaths with the numbers 144 and 89.

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