Frontlines: Requiem #2 Kindle & comiXology

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This action-packed COMIC BOOK series tells a brand-new story in Marko Kloos’s FRONTLINESuniverse!

Dealt a crippling blow, the Phalanx floats lifelessly in space. Commander Soraya Yamin and her crew watch helplessly as their friends and soldiers-in-arms are destroyed by the Lankies, an unstoppable alien force. As unanswerable distress calls blare, Soraya turns her thoughts to her family on Earth, the next planet in the Lankies’ crosshairs.

From acclaimed writer Ivan Brandon (Drifter, Viking), this four-issue comic book series features a new stand-alone story set within the action-packed military sci-fi world of Marko Kloos’s bestsellingFrontlines novels. Includes stunning artwork from Gary Erskine (Dan Dare, Judge Dredd, Star Wars).

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