The Earthlings – Kindle Edition
Teen & Young Adult / January 18, 2019

The earth is dying but the spaceships that people are dying to get on are going to planets that freedom is lost. Relaa and Macbeth are teenagers who fought their way onto a spaceship only to later realize that slavery is the only reality of earthlings on all of the planets that earthlings have been taken to. Rumors of distant rebellions bring encouragement to Relaa and Macbeth but their paths on the planet are very different. Joining the rebellion of earthlings seems perfect because earthlings are being massacred so there is no time to waste.  An epic science fiction story for young adults and adults who love science fiction, aliens and other worlds far away. 

Texas Twilight (McCutcheon Family Series Book 2) Kindle Edition
Teen & Young Adult / July 10, 2016

TEXAS TWILIGHT-The McCutcheon Family Series, Book Two  Texas Badlands, 1886  Fresh out of medical school, John McCutcheon finds his stagecoach under attack by brutal outlaws. With the help of a feisty acquaintance, Lily Anthony, he manages to fend off the assault. Lily is attracted to the charming cowboy-doctor, with his chiseled good looks and teasing ways, then heartbroken to learn he’s engaged to be married. Once settled in Rio Wells, Texas, John tries to ignore the fact that his cousin has taken a shine to Lily. When a bounty hunter shows up looking for a priceless jewel that Lily has found stashed away in her aunt’s belongings, Lily fears her dreams of owning her own shop–and of finding true love–are about to go up in flames…or, could that just be the glow of a beautiful … Texas Twilight? Read the entire McCutcheon Family saga in order: Montana Dawn Texas Twilight Mail-Order Brides of the West: Evie Mail-Order Brides of the West: Heather Moon Over Montana Mail-Order Brides of the West: Kathryn Montana Snowfall Texas Lonesome