Inhuman Resources
Fantasy / June 12, 2019

EUROPE 1973 – Unknown to the pubic at large, the forces of magic have been unleashed upon the earth. All across the world, ancient, malevolent entities are once again stirring. Lady Miriam Blaine, high Wiccan of the ancient order “The Sentinels of Medea” is assigned to combat an infestation of vampires in Northern Italy, only to find they are guided by a being more powerful than she could ever imagine. While back in England, Detective John Tolan of Scotland Yard and the witch Gemira Cordell embark upon a search for Charlie Mafferdt, the criminal low-life possessed by a demon, unaware of the terrible forces that gather to threaten their very existence! What follows is a potent stew of sex, violence and mystical mayhem, with a side order of romance and humour as our band of misfits confront a menace that could destroy all life on earth! Take a walk on the wild side and experience supernatural shenanigans in the platinum age of glam rock. But be warned – it’s full of bad language, explicit sex and flared trousers, so it’s not for those who are easily offended.For more details go to

World Jumper: season One – Episode One
Science Fiction & Fantasy / December 10, 2018

They were known as the Guardians of Forever, a mystical race of beings who are responsible for creating reality itself. Over the course of time the Guardian’s created many worlds, many forms of reality and set forth in motion the lives we all live now. It was known as the great experiment. A world created of man, creature and desires. A world in the tangible sense alien to the Guardians themselves. The World Jumper series is a collection of fictional stories of these guardians leaping between realities, inhabiting the lives of mortals, fantastic creatures and much more. In each episode you will encounter a unique story of an interaction with these guardians and their influences on our reality. Each book stand alone but it tied into an overall connecting arc. In Season One we introduce you to each of the different Guardians and their version of the worlds they inhabit. Each book will tie into an overall story-line. At the end of the season we will set the stage for season two. The entire series will be five seasons with ten books in each season. Each story will be approximately 5,000 – 10,000 words in length with a lot of…

The Pirates of Mizar (The Galactic Seven Book 2) Kindle Edition
Science Fiction & Fantasy / April 30, 2017

The Galactic Seven are asked to investigate recent pirate attacks in the Mizarian system. They are assigned to escort a fleet of Alcorian cargo ships carrying a precious supply of magnorium–the major power source of the galaxy. The situation becomes dire when the pirates attack and the Galactic Seven themselves are captured. They soon learn that the pirates have an ulterior motive for attacking the Alcorians; the Alcorians are not what they seem to be. That malevolent truth leads the Galactic Seven to join forces with the pirates. Deemed as traitors by the Coalition of Planets, the Galactic Seven must prove that the Alcorians are the real enemy and that the pirates were acting for the defense of the galaxy. That is if they can survive long enough to prove it.

Color Blind Kindle Edition
Science Fiction & Fantasy / September 22, 2016

All her life Harmony Phillips has felt defective. Growing up in a paranormal community where magikal abilities come from the wavelengths of color, a color blind girl is worthless, and they haven’t let her forget it. No one but her adoptive parents, Charlie a Were-Lion and Sarah a Witch, along with her best friend Tesch, a Siren, have ever given her an ounce of esteem. When a fit of outrage unlocks the color yellow to her eyes, Harmony passes out cold with shock over her eggs and accidentally glamours her nemesis Challen Parks into a cowardly golden retriever. As other colors unfold before her eyes, so do new abilities. Love and friendship get turned upside down as Harmony struggles to have faith in people, discovering they are not always as they seem. The misfit becomes the outlaw as she is once again different from everyone else. What began as joy turns to peril when the paranormal Council finds out she is more than a Witch, or a Were or a Fae… oh my.

Soulbound (The Return of the Elves Book 1) Kindle Edition
Science Fiction & Fantasy / July 10, 2016

A deathbed promise Arlyn’s quest is simple: Find her father and let him know her mother is dead. After all, Arlyn had promised her mother she’d go. The problem? Her father’s people are myths and legends, and he doesn’t even live on Earth. But despite a long journey through the mysterious mists of the Veil, finding him turns out to be the easy part. A dream long-buried After five hundred years, Kai has given up on finding his soulbonded. So when he stumbles across Arlyn after returning from his latest mission and recognizes her as his mate, Kai starts their bond in haste. But he never could have imagined that his bonded is his best friend’s newfound daughter. Whoops. A hidden conspiracy sparked to life Though the sight of Kai makes Arlyn’s heart pound, she isn’t sure she can forgive him for starting their bond without her permission. But her love life is the least of her problems. Her father is an elf lord, and his sudden acknowledgment of a half-human heir reignites the same conspiracy that took him away from her mother in the first place. Now Arlyn and her family must face iron wielding assassins, bigotry, and her…