The Fable of Eve (The Beginning)
Romance / January 23, 2019

The Fable of Eve is about Eve who has a life and a sister she decides to get away from and start a new life far away. She takes off to a new town that is beyond wonderful. But for Eve it’s more than hard for her to believe she could have a wonderful life after everything she has been through. She starts her new job and her boss Tim is not shy about letting her know he’s convinced she is his one great love. Eve isn’t so sure and wants to take it slow but her own feelings are hard to resist The town has it’s own reasons for bringing her there. They need Eve to survive and keep their oath and only Tim and Eve are standing in their way.

State of Grace: A time-travel vampire romance (Resurrection Book 1)
Romance / September 2, 2018

Grace has a terminal brain tumour and will die in the next few months. Roman has an addiction to blood, and could possibly live forever. Grace is twenty-seven years old. When they meet in the twelfth century Roman is several hundred years old. And Grace has another problem – she’s from his future and neither of them believe it. This is the first novel in the Resurrection series. This series will appeal to fans of Bella Forrest, S. J. West and J. R. Ward You will also like this book if you enjoy -Time travel romances -Urban fantasy -Swords and castles -Historical paranormal romances -Magical realism -Romantic suspense -Mythological creatures

Quinn: A Scottish Outlaw (Highland Outlaws Book 2)
Romance / April 30, 2017

He is an outlaw and the only man she can trust. Quinn is a Scottish rebel and outlaw to the crown–not the sort of man for a proper English lady. But when Lady Catarina is accused of a horrific crime and is forced to flee Ravensworth castle for her life, the only man she can trust is the one man who believes she is innocent, Quinn MacVie. Join Quinn and Catarina as they disappear into the wilds of the Scottish Highlands where danger follows at their heels and desire burns in their hearts.

Anchor (First to Fight Book 1)
Romance / April 30, 2017

I’ll do anything to save her. A woman I’ve never met, whose name I don’t even know, gambled her own life to protect my child. In return, she was taken by a mad man. I’ll put my career, my security, and my life on the line to get her back, even if it means facing the truth about my own mistakes. The only thing she can’t trust me with…is her heart. This is a FULL LENGTH, STANDALONE with a HEA and NO CLIFFHANGER.

The Seventh Obsession
Romance / September 7, 2016

Elionist is a demon beyond measure but somehow he’s adapted a conscious and it’s tearing him apart. Captivated by a young woman he finds himself falling in love with a mortal but evil entities try to thwart their advances by any means even the devil himself.

Valerie (Orchard Valley Book 1) Kindle Edition
Romance / July 10, 2016

Valerie rushes home to Orchard Valley, Oregon, when her father suffers a heart attack. She and her two younger sisters gather at his side, praying he’ll live, fearing he’ll die…. The last thing Valerie expects at a time like this is to fall in love—and with a man like Colby Winston, yet. She’s a take-charge, big-city businesswoman; he’s a renowned heart surgeon who loves small-town living and wants a stay-at-home wife. Valerie can’t understand why she’s so attracted to him—or why her father keeps insisting that she and Colby make a perfect couple!