Cliff Hardy: The Hailey Murder
Thrillers & Suspense / February 17, 2018

Is It Elementary, After All? When Cliff decided to move to the UK to study, he didn’t know that he was about to live the greatest adventure of his life. Everything seemed ideal at first. His new school was amazing, his professors were extremely qualified and best of all? He was able to live in Sherlock Holmes’ country. Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictional detective was Cliff’s idol. He had read every single adventure, but little did he know, that he was about to be part of one. Dreams Cut Short. Hailey was charming and beautiful. And Cliff had noticed that. She made each day at school worth looking forward to. That’s exactly why Cliff was utterly devastated when Hailey was found dead. His whole world came crushing down. But he didn’t give up. He decided to find the truth, since the police didn’t have a clue. Everything he had read about Sherlock Holmes was coming to his mind now. He has to start deducing. The evidence must be there after all. And so the biggest adventure in Cliff’s life was about to unfold. Will he find the real murdered? Did Hailey commit suicide? What was the truth? Embark on a spine-tingling…

MODI INDORUM: A Mystery Suspense Thriller: Book One of THE JARDINE TRILOGY (FIBONACCI SERIES 1) Kindle Edition
Thrillers & Suspense / December 13, 2017

BOOK DESCRIPTION 55. That’s the number carved on a sea shell in the hand of a dead heroin addict when Detective Ameena “AJ” Jardine meets D.E.A. Agent Tony Aserbbo on her first solo assignment. The death is ruled an overdose—nothing unusual considering the heroin epidemic plaguing New England. 34. That’s the number of daisies in the hand of another dead heroin addict a year later when the crime scene brings AJ and Tony back together for the first time since their relationship dissolved. Again, that death is ruled an overdose. AJ never sees the connection with the numbers, even after she learns both bodies have identical octopus tentacle tattoos. She doesn’t see the connection with the heroin used in each overdose: Prussian Black, a new designer heroin made with tetrodotoxin from octopus venom and distributed by the Fasciata Order, a violent and highly sophisticated drug organization. And she does not realize that, on the days the bodies are discovered, the anonymous gifts given to her are from a mysterious hacker named Copernicus who claims to be watching over her and protecting her from the cartel. It’s not until Dr. Raymond Pinick, a former university professor and grieving father, contacts her,…

The Polyhedron

A mysterious artifact, the Polyhedron, the stone block which appears also in Melancholia, Albrecht Dürer’s famous engraving, is discovered amidst a group of medieval ruins in Bucharest. Doru, the main character, becomes gradually obsessed with the symbolism of the engraving, especially after a meaningful discussion with Andreea, a young psychologist. Andreea reveals the secret of the correspondence between Carl Jung and Immanuel Velikovsky, a shattering truth, also hidden between the lines of the Red Book, a journal in which the Swiss psychoanalyst has written down his phantasms, visions and dreams. The entire humankind seems doomed, but the only thing which could save it from an apocalyptic ending is the Polyhedron itself. A dense text, beginning and ending with biblical references, incessantly intersected by Doru’s nostalgia for the lost paradise of his own past. A short story that will make you change the way you think.

Murder Has No Class (A Bellehaven House Mystery Book 3) Kindle Edition

Released for the First Time on Kindle, the third book in the fabulous Bellehaven Mystery Series by Kate Kingsbury, the bestselling author of the Pennyfoot Hotel Mysteries! Wacky students, intriguing mystery and a despairing ghost – it’s all in a day’s work at Bellehaven House. It is the height of women’s suffrage in Edwardian England, and Meredith Llewellyn, headmistress of Bellehaven House Finishing School, has her hands full trying to turn rebellious, over-priviliged tomboys into graceful and accomplished young ladies. Her task is decidedly complicated by the ghosts of murdered victims who insist on her helping them bring their killers to justice. Watch the fun as Meredith does her best to keep her ghost-sleuthing a secret from her wayward charges, while trying to convince her fellow teachers that she’s not insane. Lovers of Agatha Christie’s books will find much to enjoy in this tale of intrigue and laughter in an Edwardian English village, and Emily Brightwell fans will love this book’s offbeat characters and their intriguing adventures at a finishing school for young ladies. MURDER HAS NO CLASS hen the ghost of Lord Stalham appeals to Meredith for help, her sense of justice prevails. Stalham has been hung for a…