Becoming Herself
Genre Fiction / April 19, 2019

What if … you were told you won’t be accepted because you don’t sound like everyone else… you want more choices than your world offers… you love a man you can never have … you need to reconnect with the land you left behind? That is Margaret’s story. Becoming Herself is the tale of a woman’s road to self-discovery in the first half of the 20th century. It is as current as today’s headlines. On her first day in America, seven-year old Maggie Clancy is placed in an orphanage by her grieving widowed father. She is told that from now on she will be called Margaret. Maggie will no longer exist. She will have to forge her own path in this new world of upstate New York. Her lovely singing voice provides her the needed entry.  In an era when she loses the corset and gains the right to vote, Margaret struggles with balancing the roles of wife and mother with her longing to do even more with her life. She’s a witness to the prejudices experienced by Irish immigrants and to Americans questioning the patriotism of their German-Americans neighbors during WWI. Despite that, she hopes and believes that man’s inhumanity…

River Boy
Genre Fiction / March 10, 2019

Kirk’s problem is he can walk on water – and no one has had that gig for 2,000 years. But can a skinny Canadian kid, raised in a small town by a single mother, really be the Son of God? Kirk just wants to be a normal teenager, hanging out with his girlfriend, stocking shelves at the corner store. But when he is caught on CCTV cameras walking across floodwaters to save his mother’s life, all hell breaks loose.  Mixing murder, satire, and teenage romance, Canadian author Alan Daniels weaves an extraordinary story of how humanity – and the Christian establishment – might react today to the long-awaited Second Coming. At its core is a question that has survived centuries: If there is a creator, an Almighty God, why is the world in such a mess? Visit for more details about the novel and the author.