Basic Secrets of Health: Practical tips for a healthy life

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Take a look around. There are almost no healthy people in the world. Everyone is sick of something. More and more congenital diseases.
Man does not even know what real health is. People consider it normal to be ill. But this is not natural. Everyone can become healthy, you only need to take responsibility for their health into their own hands and do something.
If yes, then this is the book you have been waiting for.
People used these secrets for centuries, and because of this, they lived happier and longer.
There is something incredibly wonderful in this book; practical tips for a healthy life.

Each piece of advice described in this book has been thoroughly researched and well presented, with subtleties that will give your body the perfection it deserves. Without a doubt!

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After reading this wonderful book, you will learn:
How to become a healthy person loving yourself.
The effect of psychosomatics on health and awareness.
The importance of proper breathing, sleep, nutrition for health.
The harm of synthetic food, alcohol, drugs on human health.
How to become vigorous, properly begin to harden.
Health feet and a smooth posture pledge of health.
How to get rid of chronic fatigue.

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