Time management: Get all things done in your to do list Kindle Edition

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 I finally decided to go ahead and put it all in a book.
Discover why everyone is purchasing this book
•I offer 100% exclusive original information
•An amazing bonus – I have included a free easy to use tool (explained below)
•15 checklists all compiled in the appendix page and ready to print and use
•20 tips located in the appendix page (this is a compiled tips of the whole book regarding time management)
•Meal plan (learn the truth about it)
•All about how to get things done and routine
•Uniquely explained pomodoro technique
•Secrets of effective people
•How rich people plan and think
•How big empires are built

Book topics
You will find topics like
•How to delete procrastination
•How to achieve laser sharp focus
•How to make a study plan
•How to achieve Self discipline
•Productivity habits
•The miracle number and how to use it
The bonus explained
Jude a specialist in the hospitality industry and a friend of mine was at almost quitting his job. He had productivity issues, serious workload and never unending problems. He even reached a point of regular typos problems like e.g. timemanagement or todo list. This would cost his Company a great deal. I decided to give him a solution and he got amazing results.
I also gave him a tool which he reported after two days that it was remarkable (find more and the free tool in the book; you will love the results). Often times when I get to a point of fatigue, he always reminds me to use the tool. It’s almost like he depends on it with his life. He decided to leave his current Job to pursue more and the company regrets losing him. This tool has long been private and confidential to me. I decided to write this book for those who are seeking for more in life and need to be enlightened on how to go about it.
In this book I have included this tool; let’s make a deal, please read the whole book first. If you really want to be in the millionaire category, stress free life and the vital few you need all information included.

Problem solved
As explained in this book, time management is the root cause of all our problems, whether
And many others
You will learn how to conquer
•Limiting beliefs
•Mind block
•Focus problems
•To do list issues
•Goal setting challenges

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