Personal Development Secrets for a Successful Life: Simple steps to ensure the development of a strong personality

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Look around and compare happy and unhappy acquaintances. What is the difference? Happy start a new business, study at pieces of training, go in for sports, constantly travel learn something new. Unhappy people have been working at the same job for decades, having fun only with the help of beer and are constantly looking for those guilty of their failures.
The answer to our question is simple – it is necessary to engage in self-development in order to become happy. 
This book will help you in personal development to achieve great success in your personal life.

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After reading this wonderful book you will learn:
How to set a goal for success
Steps to achieve the goal
How to develop faith in yourself, the power of self-suggestion
How to strengthen focus and develop enthusiasm
Gratitude and appreciation as the secret of success
Discipline and self-discipline are the keys to success and wealth.
Stages of success and bringing abundance into your life
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