Keith Haring: Chicago Mural

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In 1989, legendary artist Keith Haring collaborated with 500 Chicago Public School students to create a 488-foot-long mural. Over the course of five days, Haring drew black outlines of his iconic graffiti characters, while the students filled in the spaces with colors, drawings and personal messages.

In 2018, 36 panels from this mural were displayed in an exhibit by the Chicago Cultural Center. Artist and author Daniel Thomas MacInnes documents this event in his latest photograph album, capturing the panels in exquisite detail, as well as capturing the many visitors who came to pay tribute to a valued piece of Chicago history.

This book features 90 color and black-and-white photos. Readers are taken on a journey of the Chicago Cultural Center and the Haring exhibit hall, where visitors are encouraged to create their own drawings and post them to a shared wall, as well as admire vintage photos and items from the Haring estate.

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