Isdal Woman. Life and Death: Norway’s Biggest Mystery

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This is a true life and death mystery. A case that dates back to November 1970. 
A time before cell phones, CCTV cameras, Tightened border security, DNA…
Although this strange and haunting cold case occurred in Bergen, Norway, in theory, it could be solved by anyone, from anywhere in the world. Because no-one knows where the woman came from.
The woman appeared from nowhere – she travelled around with many false identities – and she died in a remote valley in what looked like a classic case of suicide – but then she apparently set herself on fire!
She was smart, stylish, sophisticated and she left behind several puzzling clues, but after almost 50 years, they still remain unsolved. 

Someone, somewhere, knows this woman and in my completed account of this case, I have included every possible detail that is available to the public, including my own artist impressions of the woman. My sole aim is to make this case available for everyone to read, in every part of the world. 
Can you help to solve the puzzle of the Isdal Woman?

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