Demonic liberties – Kindle Edition

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Demonic liberties Kindle Edition

Occult prophecy ordains the warrior, the witch and the demon shall join as one to create the Thaumic Triad and assert dominion over the forces of magic. 

London – 1973; Detective Inspector John Tolan of Scotland Yard’s serious crime squad is faced with a series of gruesome murders and embarks on an investigation that uncovers the shadow world of the Arcadian Order, a secret society of witches and warlocks practicing the arcane arts of sorcery, exposing him to dangers and horrors that threaten his sanity – not to mention his life. 

Meanwhile, his close associate Charlie Mafferdt – criminal super-grass and low-life thief is desperately trying to stay alive now that he owes money to a local gangland boss. Then his life turns even more complicated when he becomes possessed by a demonic entity beyond his control.

They think they’ve got problems? Lady Miriam Blaine, high powered Wiccan of the ancient order “The Sentinels of Medea” realizes that her worst enemy has returned from beyond the grave, and is now determined to unleash the awesome forces contained within the Egyptian artefact the Orb of Osiris – a power that could destroy the earth itself!
What follows is a potent stew of sex, violence and mystical mayhem, with a side order of romance and humour as our band of misfits come together to confront forces beyond human comprehension. Take a walk on the wild side and experience supernatural shenanigans in the platinum age of glam rock. But be warned – it’s full of bad language, explicit sex and flared trousers, so it’s not for those easily offended.
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