Daltrey at the Park

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Daltrey at the Park documents the concert appearance of rock legend Roger Daltrey at the Ravinia Festival, the oldest outdoor musical festival in the United States. Daltrey appeared with The Who touring band and the Ravinia Orchestra to perform a live performance of The Who’s Tommy in its entirety.

Author and artist Daniel Thomas MacInnes documents the event from start to finish, capturing the crowds and the excitement of the music. This book uses digital photography that captures the emotional experience of a rock concert, the feeling of amplifiers rumbling over your skin, the thumping of drums across the ground, the sight of other fans jumping and dancing around you.

Daltrey at the Park follows in the tradition of MacInnes’ previous rock photography books, U2: Experience + Innocence and Depeche Mode: Spirit. It is essential reading for all fans of classic rock, art and photography.

88 pages. Color and black-and-white.

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