Children’s Comic: Aychu and the Bees (Vol. 3)

Read Time1 Minute, 9 Seconds

Ages: 3 – 10

Something’s hurting the bees in Oakswood.

Bees all over Oakswood are collapsing, and because of how important they are, the environment could be in big trouble if someone doesn’t get to the bottom of it. And fast.

Enter Aychu, Guardian of the Green. 

Aychu thinks Belinda Bloom’s new fertilizer spray is harming the bees, and everything will be okay once she lets her know. After all, Belinda Bloom is Aychu’s hero, and the star of Sonic Bloom, Aychu’s favourite show about the environment.

They’re definitely on the same side.

They must be.

Aren’t they?

Is Belinda not who she claims to be?

Will Aychu free the bees?

Aychu and the Bees is the third of a series of books that follow the adventures of Aychu, Guardian of the Green, as she uses her power of invisibility to battle the enemies of nature. The city of Oakswood may be fictional, but the problems it faces are very real, as are the lessons that children will learn from Aychu.

Aychu’s adventures will teach children the joys of living green and in harmony with the environment, inspiring them to become guardians of the green in their own little ways.

All books in the Aychu, Guardian of the Green series are available in most major world languages

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