Blind Girl and the Soldier: A Novella – Kindle Edition

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The heartwarming but tragic tale of two very different people coping with life in an isolated world. Meeting for the first time in a small village churchyard is Sarah, visually impaired from birth, and Tom, a homeless drifter and veteran soldier harbouring a colourful past. Over several days they become personally and emotionally attached leading to feelings of love and unity. But an unforeseen occurrence leads to a harrowing and tragic end.


Green’s first Novella. I was sceptical at first but at only a little over 21000 words this failed to disapoint. Compelling and unable to put down until the very end. (Nick – Eastleigh)

Another masterful and original piece of story-telling from an author who is able to write in all genres. Simple and heartwrenching. It will rip your emotions to shreds and remain lodged in your mind forever. (Dom – London)

Critics will be calling this Green’s ‘tour-de-force’ – Brilliant! (Charlie – Portsmouth)

A must read for your flight or holiday. Short, sweet. Read it and weep. A masterpiece! (Carol – Southampton)

Tragic realistic fiction at its best. This author has done it again. ( Eileen – Bishopstoke)

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