A Story on Heaven on Earth: Why We Could See God and Then Go Shopping

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Hop in to the grandest party ever – the eternal banquet with the Most Beautiful God

A Christian fiction, a spiritual journey

Do you want an invite to the grandest party ever with the Most Beautiful God, and then shop on the side? Do you know the incomparable happiness of seeing Him and the unquenchable most dreadful loneliness that the damned in the dark abyss suffer?  Banso, an orphan, learned about these when he got entangled with At Least, a half angel and half human who is searching for a cure of his abomination so that he could join the party with God.  At Least asks Banso to help him find the missing ‘heaven on earth,’ or the Hoe. 

The Hoe is a painting which has been infused with a dazzling brightness that would provide mankind with light and hope during the dark hours when the earth would be filled with darkness.  At Least believes that the Hoe might also cure him. The devil wants it destroyed to destroy hope and separate mankind from God and bring them to damnation with him in the dark abyss. But Banso is concerned more in finding the identity his parents than finding the missing Hoe.

Meanwhile, the devil and his minions are spying on the dream file to find out where the Hoe might be hidden.  Banso knows about it. He is in a dilemma.  Will he forego his search for his parents and race with At Least in searching for the missing Hoe before the devil finds it and save mankind from everlasting damnation? Is he willing to face more difficulties so that he could join the eternal banquet and grandest party with the Most Beautiful God?  

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